The Radical Vow

The same day First Minister Nicola Sturgeon addressed 12,000 people in the Hydro, Glasgow, as part of her SNP tour, a different kind of political event was happening only yards away.

The Radical Independence Conference was host to over 3,000 delegates who came together to discuss where the Independence movement should go next – from youth campaigners, political party members and members of the public –  they all came together to produce the People’s Vow in response to the failed Vow put forward by Cameron, Clegg and Milliband in the days prior to the referendum.

The Vow made by Cameron, Clegg and Milliband
The Vow made by Cameron, Clegg and Milliband

What is the Peoples Vow?

At the end of the Radical Independence Conference, after delegates had taken part in various workshops strewn across the SECC, Alan Bisset (author and playwright from Falkirk) gave the closing speech where he began with:

“On Sept 16th 2014, two days before the independence referendum, the leaders of the main London-based parties made a pledge to Scotland called ‘The Vow’, exhorting us to vote No in return for substantial new powers. History will prove this to be the gimmickry of a threatened elite. We, the Radical Independence Campaign, hereby make a Vow in reply, on behalf of the disappointed, the disaffected, the impoverished and the frightened: the People’s Vow.  This Vow is eternal, and will be honoured for so long as we, and the generation which follows us, and the generations which follow them, have breath in our lungs to do so.”


Author and Playwright Alan Bisset
Author and Playwright Alan Bisset

The Vow essentially lays out all the ideas that the delegates and campaigners that took part in the Conference believe to be essential. The policies that they believe the Scottish Government needs to focus on.

Peoples Vow: Commitments

Simply, the Commitments laid out are:

1. The poor will no longer suffer at the hands of the bankers and politicians

2. Scotland’s natural resources will not be sold off to the highest bidder (end fracking, instead promote the use of green energy)

3. Call for land reform and end to corrupt landlords taking advantage of renters

4. Equality between men and women to be compulsory

5. The removal of Trident and opposition to TTIP

You can watch Bisset deliver the Peoples Vow below, or view a transcript on the Radical Independence Website here. 

What do you think of the Peoples Vow? Is it achievable, and something you believe in?

Let us know in the comments and our poll.


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