First Ministers First Fortnight

Today marks two weeks since Nicola Sturgeon was formally recognised as First Minister, and she has certainly hit the ground running.

Tory MSP Murdo Fraser recently commented that “We predicted before Nicola Sturgeon came in that she would be Scotland’s most left-wing First Minister. She hasn’t been in the job two weeks and she’s proven us right”.

With the First Ministers reshuffle giving Scotland it’s first gender equal cabinet, Fraser might be right, but is it really a bad thing?

Nicola Sturgeons New Gender Equal Cabinet
Nicola Sturgeons New Gender Equal Cabinet

Scotland -politically – has always been a bit more left wing than our southern neighbors.

Nothing proves this more than Labours previous stronghold in Scotland during General Elections – but Labour is falling behind in various polls (even in a poll conducted by The Wee Scoop on a previous post – 100% viewed Scottish Labour as defunct) and the Conservative Parties have never gained more than one Scottish MP.

The First Ministers initially policies have been to replace the Stamp Duty Tax with the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax,  plans to raise the top rate of income tax to 50 pence for the highest earners and scrapping of business rate exemptions for working estates.

Not including her sell out tour which led to 12,000 people spending their Saturday swamping the Hyrdo in Glasgow, and similar sell out talks around the country.

The First Minister is clearly riding the wave of political engagement from the Independence Referendum, but is she on the right track?


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