European Union: should we stay or should we go?

The UK’s membership in the European Union has been a hot topic of debate recently.

The significant rise in support for UKIP and the  European Union landing the UK with a £1.7 billion bill last month, have added to significant pressure for a referendum on EU membership.

The Conservative Party have various reasons for pushing for a EU referendum, but it is clearly influenced by many previous conservative voters jumping ship and backing up and comers UKIP.

photo 2


The political landscape in the UK is certainly changing, and in the typically more left-wing Scotland is no different.

The so called ‘peoples party’ of Scottish Labour are seeing a clear drop in support.

STV  conducted a poll last week that showed that the Labour Party in Scotland would almost certainly face political annihilation if a General Election was held tomorrow.

The Ipsos Mori survey shows Labour would poll only 23% of the vote, compared to SNP’s 52%.

Giving the political map of Scotland a completely different look.

photo 1
Image courtesy of STV

Labour leader Ed Milliband has staunchly opposed any chance of a referendum, in what seems like fear that the UK public will decide to leave the EU. This strategy appears to be backfiring as support for a referendum grows.

Scotland’s incoming First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has recently made headlines by stating that for a EU membership referendum to carry, all four nations in the United Kingdom should vote for withdrawal.

Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones agreed with Sturgeons sentiment stating recently that “If the UK leaves the EU on the basis of English votes, it would trigger a constitutional crisis, the likes of which we haven’t seen.”

He also added that EU withdrawal would impact on the Welsh Economy and affect investment in jobs.

SNP MSP Clare Adamson, member of the European External Affairs Committee welcomed Jones’ statement as it further underlined “the massive economic risks posed by the Tory obsession with tearing us out of Europe against our will.”

There are obviously pro’s and con’s to staying or leaving the European Union, but what do you think?
We’ve constructed a short survey below, and we would love to hear your views!

European Union Survey

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