Does Johann Lamonts resignation spell the end for Scottish Labour?

Yesterday Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont announced her resignation in an exclusive interview with the Daily Record.

Lamont’s accusation that party bosses in London don’t give Scottish Labour enough autonomy and that they “do not understand the politics they are facing” certainly ring true.

The SNP’s significant membership hike of 75,000 post-referendum is widely considered to be some of Labours core voters jumping ship.

With no real successor in the wings after Lamont’s resignation where does this leave the party?

Their recent policies seem to be at odds with what the electorate want, as succinctly put in this short Wings Over Scotland post.


The General Election in 2015 is looming closer, and if Scottish voters begin voting in Westminster the way they do in Scottish Elections then Labour are likely to lose a large amount of seats to SNP candidates.

Recently elected SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said in a statement that Lamont’s resignation “reveals Labour to be in complete meltdown in Scotland.”

Do you agree with Sturgeon? Answer the poll below to let us know your views.


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