Post Referendum Controversy

In the days that have followed the Scottish Independence referendum, many Yes voters and activists have taken to social media to vent their frustrations.



55% of the population voted to remain in the UK, much to the disbelief of the other 45%.
Shortly after the vote was announced, videos started to surface which appear to show evidence of vote rigging, but is there any truth to this?

You can watch one of the many videos alleging vote rigging here.

A petition for an independent international enquiry has been launched on the website 38 Degrees and has gathered 63,800 signatures.

Despite this Chief Counting Officer for the Referendum, Mary Pitcaithly, released a statement (which you can read in full here).
Pitcaithly said “Independent international election observers attended and watched the counts taking place. Every count in Scotland provided access for print, broadcast and online media. In addition, Police Scotland were present at every count centre. As such the count centres received an unprecedented level of observation and scrutiny”
Pitcaithly concluded “I am satisfied that all counts were conducted properly.”

What do you think of the results and subsequent controversy? We’re the votes rigged? Is it simply a conspiracy theory? Share your view in the comments below.


One comment

  1. Conspiracy theory. It happens every time a vote is even fairly close, and a 10% spread 55-45 still leaves a large number of voters disappointed, unhappy with the result, and grasping for any reason possible to do it over.

    I do think the “No” vote won because whether it’s the right thing to do or not, a change of this magnitude is frightening, especially to the over 55s. The vote wasn’t rigged.


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