Equality Network

Today the Equality Network, a Scottish Charity working towards LGBTI equality and human rights, released responses to a series of questions from six leaders of the main Scottish Political parties.

The Equality Network contacted three politicians from each side of the independence debate.

The Scottish Parliament does not currently have devolved powers concerning equality law, each politician was asked what their party would do in response to both a yes and a no vote in order to further equality law and protection through the Scottish Government.

Yes Campaign 

First Minister Alex Salmond, SNP, And MSP’s Patrick Harvie, Scottish Green and Colin Fox, Scottish Socialist Party responded from the Yes Campaign.

Alex Salmond’s main point was that as one of very few countries without a constitution, the UK does not provide the support and legal protection that it could;

“The Draft constitution that we published in June makes it clear that every person in Scotland is equal before the law and has equal entitlement to its protection and benefit.”

Better Together

MSP’s Johann Lamont, Scottish Labour, Ruth Davidson, Conservative and Unionist Party, and Will Rennie Scottish Liberal Democrats all outlined how working within the UK is the best way to gain equality.

Lamont describes how The European Convention of Human Rights provides the UK with protection from human rights abuses and leaving the UK will set back any progress they could make.

“Equality will not be top of the agenda for many years to come if we vote for independence. We will be focused for years, perhaps decades, on simply rebuilding the functions of government.”

PYou can read all the MSP’s responses in full here http://www.equality-network.org/our-work/policyandcampaign/indyref/

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